In a warehouse, pallet racking systems can be a real lifesaver. They give you not only the storage space you need but the ability to access the goods and materials quickly and easily whenever you need them.

Here at Mowbray Interiors, we design, supply and install a vast range of storage solutions including pallet racking systems from manufacturers including Link 51, Mecalux and Redirack; and are capable of installing everything from very narrow aisle and live racking to wide aisle pallet access and heavy duty bespoke pallet racking.

Why do I need Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is a storage solution adopted and trusted by businesses around the world. As such a number of different systems, such as those that we can build and install here at Mowbray Interiors, have been developed and each has a range of benefits including:

  • Can be a lifesaving part of your company Without the essential storage space, you might spend thousands of pounds moving unnecessarily and a cluttered workspace has countless safety risks;
  • Tailored to suit your space. Bespoke pallet racking systems can be tailored to your needs and the shape of your business. We can create a tailor made pallet racking system that fits just about any space;
  • Clear, concise organisation. If you have a large quantity of products that you need to store then pallet racking can help you organise them effectively for efficient storage and access when you need it.

Very Narrow Aisle

This type of pallet racking is suitable where space is at a premium.

Wide Aisle Pallet Access

With no specialist equipment required this is the most common type of pallet racking system and will suit just about any business.

Live Racking

Fitted with rollers that automatically move pallets along as they’re picked, live racking increases speed and allows for stock rotation which is great for businesses working with perishable goods.

Bespoke Racking

Of course, Mowbray Interiors can also create a bespoke pallet racking system for you and your needs. Speak to us and we’ll provide our expert opinion and help find a storage solution that works for you and your budget.

To discuss how Mowbray Interiors can help you maximise your workspace with our pallet racking solutions, please complete our Contact Us form here.