Shelving might sound like a relatively straightforward type of storage solution but it’s one that many businesses overlook or forget about. Here at Mowbray Interiors, we design, build and install a wide range of stylish and bespoke shelving for offices, factories and warehouses capable of increasing storage space and maximising efficiency.

We work with a number of major manufacturers - such as Link 51 and provide storage solutions for small, medium and large companies with everything from longspan to adjustable and even mobile shelving.

Longspan Shelving

As the name suggests, longspan shelving provides a continuous storage solution running uninterrupted between a series of bays or pillars. This type of shelving is ideal for businesses in commercial, industrial and retail sectors with often bulky materials and goods to store. Mowbray Interiors can provide this type of shelving for you and your business, simply contact us to find out more.

Adjustable Shelving

Another aptly-named storage solution, adjustable shelving solution that can be moved and adapted according to your needs. These fully adjustable shelves can be raised or lowered to increase storage space as and when you need it, and Mowbray Interiors can create a bespoke design that works for you, your premises and your budget.

What are the benefits of workplace shelving and small parts storage?

If any of the following apply to your business, then small parts storage could solve all of your storage problems:

  • A lack of storage space and workplace structure, creating a more organised workplace;
  • In need of a place to safely and securely store small and light parts loaded by hand;
  • You need a system in place to store multiple materials quickly and easily.

Mobile Shelving

If you’re in need of an effective and efficient storage solution that takes up a minimal amount of space in your office, factory or warehouse then mobile shelving might be just what you need. With the ability to move together, you can access one aisle at a time for a space-saving solution that’s great for archiving.

To discuss how Mowbray Interiors can help you maximise your workspace with our bespoke shelving solutions, please complete our Contact Us form here.